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Anthonee Ektnitphong

To Moon Dreams

I used to dream of a home under the sea
My dreams placed in bubbles, would float endlessly
On the surface dream bubbles pop in a matter of seconds
To think logically, is absolutely recommended
However, I am eccentric, learned to not pay attention
And thus, I began my underground decension
Deeper and deeper I built, with no intentions to stop
But when they heard about my home, they turned it into a swamp

The world works like theater, minus the dramatics
Life is a play, and you are an actor or actress
You compete for a part, while making others feel worthless
You are given a role, that is labeled important
You play your part and then they quickly close the curtains
But do you feel purpose, in fulfilling their sermons
A puppet to a puppeteer, every movement predetermined
Me I am certain, that giving your earnest
Should result in freedom to fulfill your own purpose

So Instead of living beneath, I upgraded to above
Ka-bang off to space, to the moon, to my dreams thereof
No better spot to choose than the moon's surface
Meticulously I crafted a home so perfect
My dreams can live free, not a single diversion
The critics are blurred, leaving no false assertions

On the moon's balcony I sit, in the audience of the world's play
Watching critics and directors brainwash people into slaves

At day these City Slickers, confine themselves to a cocoon
By night turned dreamers, coyotes.. crying for the moon


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