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Janell Viergutz

Fake Trivia: Earhart

JUNE 1, 1937: Amelia Earhart, after several false starts, began her round-the-world-flight with the assistance of first navigator Fred Noonan. Throughout their round-the-world-flight Earhart and Noonan continuously talk about how smoothly the flight is going and began to communicate with others of their expected landing on Howland Island in the Pacific. Earhart and Noonan were expected to be only hours from their destination when people began to joke, “You know most accidents usually happen within miles of home.” Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan were never heard from again.

SEPTEMBER 19, 1964: The TV series, Flipper, running from 1964-1967 aired. The series followed a wild dolphin, Flipper, as he befriends the Ricks family. Flipper, who in the show was portrayed as a boy, was actually performed by female dolphins. Throughout the duration of the series a variety of animal activists began calling the show “sexist”, saying that it wasn’t right to have a male get credit for a female performance. It is still questioned as to why these animal rights activists were concerned with sexism and not the fact that these dolphins were being used as actors and kept in confinement.

1777- Betsy Ross, a struggling upholster, was visited by three men from the Continental Congress. One of these men was George Washington. Washington originally went to Ross with a folded piece of paper asking her to create the American flag. When Washington arrived to pick up the flag, Ross provided him with another item as well. Washington was at first confused by the unusual item Ross had provided him until he looked over and noticed she was wearing her robe backward. When Washington commented on this she laughed and said, “This isn’t a robe, it’s my snuggie.” And so, the original Snuggie was born.


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