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Dan Weinstein

Look Backward, Writer

“And Everything is Going Fine”

a documentary about Spalding Gray
directed by Steven Soderbergh
discusses the writing practice
that he believes saved him
from despair
and launched
his career
as a monologist

at a time
when he had
returned from India
and was feeling despondent
at the thought that
his time there had been wasted

thinking of all the things
he regrettied *not* having done
while in that country

at this point he began to keep a journal
a diary

but instead of writing
in his diary
about his regrets

he began to write
in each entry
about what he *had* done

reinforcing his sense of satisfaction
at his experiences

this practice
became the source
of material for his
famous monologues

what’s really interesting
about this practice
is what Gray says
about using


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