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Shane Whidby

My Sweet Angel

My sweet angel,
My Beatrice,
I’m climbing the steps
Of Purgatory
On my way
To Paradise,
To be with you
Forever more.

Your hair falls
Like ocean waves
Against a summer breeze.
Your smile fills
The void of my day,
The nothingness
That I am.

But I’m stuck,
On the steps
Of the seventh terrace.
Is this lust,
A sinful attraction?
Or the true love
I’ve longed for
For so long?
To cleanse myself
Of this mark on my head
Is the key
To my happiness.

Should I follow
This poet, my heart,
Into the fire,
To purify my soul
And endure the pain
To finally arrive
At your side.

My Beatrice, my love.
For now I must
Look from afar,
From the peak
Of this mountain.
I will be with you.


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