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James Chattin likes doing artsy things but can do nearly everything else, too. Please visit or for a glimpse at what he does.

Dan Crisler is graduating with a degree in English for New Media. He hails from Arlington, South Dakota, and will probably be on the move to some town or city or wherever the Fates lead him. He is just hoping the Fates don't lead him to living in a box.

Laina Darger Laina Darger is majoring in English for New Media at Dakota State University, in Madison, SD. She has lived in Sioux Falls, SD for most of her life, and considers it home. She is a creative writer with a wonderful sense of humor. Laina enjoys writing and one day she hopes to publish a book of her writing.

Dillon Dwyer is majoring in English for New Media. He considers the Whetstone Valley and the town of Milbank, SD to be his homeland. Being blessed with a knack for pulling ideas out of his hat and setting the ball in motion, he considers himself a doer of work.

Cassie Marie Edwards is an artist and a part-time professor. She teaches Art, Art History, and Social Media classes at DSU. Cassie is always thinking about painting, but she also enjoys knitting, sewing, crocheting, spinning yarn, dying yarn, and other crafty things.

Tonee Ektnitphong "Tonee Tales" is a friend of Andrew Ryan and was personally invited to be a writer in the hidden city of Rapture. He is currently studying Elementary Education, so that he may condition the younglings into perfect humans. He will do anything you ask, as so long as you preface it with "Would you kindly".

Derik Everett is from Jasper, Minnesota. He has always loved to draw and create stories. His passion pushed him toward a Bachelor's Degree in Animation at Dakota State University. Derik practices dedication in all aspects of his life and is constantly trying to achieve more efficient ways of animating.

Ashley Geditz is from the good old town of Madison, SD. She is majoring in English Education with a minor in speech communication/theater, and will be getting her coaching certificate for volleyball. She considers herself a bit of a movie buff and has watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy over 50 times!

Abbie Graham is a part-time grad student and staff member at DSU.

Chelsea Kruse is majoring in English Education. She was born in K.I. Sawyer, Michigan. But after years of moving around as part of a military family, she considers White, SD her home. Having a passion for writing, she hopes to one day publish a book.

Katie Miller is majoring in English for New Media major at Dakota State University, in Madison South Dakota. She was raised in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and she calls it home. She enjoys writing and is very creative. Once Katie graduates her dream job would be to write cards for Hallmark.

Tami Jo Redinger is majoring in Elementary and Special Education with a minor in Art. She originally comes from Naples, SD but graduated from high school in Henry, SD. Tami is an active member of CEC (Council for Exceptional Children) and SDEA (South Dakota Education Association). She enjoys writing, taking pictures, knitting, scrapbooking, and baking.

Sarah Sproul is majoring in English for New Media. Her hometown is Harrisburg, SD, and she is currently involved with Sigma Tau Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, and Kappa Sigma Iota honor societies. She enjoys reading and writing in her free time. A little known fact is that she has a knack for origami.

Shane Whidby is a Secondary English Education major from Sturgis, South Dakota. He spends his free time reading, writing, and hanging with friends. Just kidding, he spends most of his time playing video games and watching Netflix. In the future, Shane plans on teaching and coaching football and track in South Dakota.


Mitchell Baye is a DSU student.

Angela Behrends is an Adjunct Professor for the College of Arts and Sciences, DSU.

Stacey Berry, Assistant Professor of English for New Media at DSU, never learned how to ride a bike and does not drive cars or motor vehicles of any kind. (She has nothing, in general, against things with wheels.)

Justin Blessinger liberates small countries, teaches those who would learn, earns an S+ in citizenship, and once stole a friend’s girlfriend, then married her. Not to be trusted.

Elise Bunkers is a DSU student.

Vanessa Carlson is from Britton, South Dakota. A junior majoring in English for New Media at DSU, she hopes to pursue a career in magazine journalism or publication near Denver or Boulder, Colorado.

James Chattin likes doing artsy things but can do nearly everything else, too. Please visit or for a glimpse at what he does.

Colin Cooper has happily taken this spring semester off from his otherwise science-heavy course loads to explore his passion for literature and writing, where he hopes to find at least a major in it someday. He is a sophomore from Pipestone, Minnesota.

Dan Crisler is a junior English for New Media major originally from Arlington, South Dakota. In his spare time, he pets his cats and dog.

Alysia Derry-Chavez is originally from Grand Rivers, KY. After graduating high school she decided to migrate north and attend DSU. She is an English for New Media major.

Kailey Eidsness is from Henry, SD, and a freshman in Respiratory Care. She is a member of the DSU Cheer and Dance Team, Campus Crusades for Christ, Student Activities Board, and Respiratory Care Club.

Katie Green is a DSU student and volleyball player.

Rick L. Janssen writes and creates art in Madison, SD.

Thomas Jones is an Associate Professor of Photography and Computer Graphics at DSU. See more of his photography on New Tricks online.

Carmela Delia Lanza’s poetry has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies. Her chapbook, Long Island Girl, focuses on the mythic journey of the Italian American experience. She is a professor at DSU.

Shelby Meyer, from Isabel, SD, is a senior Computer Graphics major with Photography and Business minors .

Alan Montgomery is an Associate Professor for the College of Arts and Sciences, DSU.

Bryan Muller, from Mitchell, SD, is a senior English major, loves long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners, and writing biographical information in the form of a cliche.

Jessica Sharp is a junior majoring in Computer Graphics, minoring in Photography. She is from Valentine, Nebraska.

Angela Timms is finishing her English degree that began at USD, after a hiatus in Los Angeles. She currently lives in Madison with her husband, Giles, and their dog Bilbo.

Juan Valdez, born in San Antonio, and raised in Sioux Falls, is a junior English for New Media major who enjoys gardening, warm sunny days, and pillows that are not-too-soft-but-not-too-hard.

Janell Viergutz is a DSU student.

Daniel Weinstein is an alumnus of Wesleyan University and University at Buffalo (NY). In a daring move quite counter to his habitually timid nature, he struck out to South Dakota to teach writing and web design at DSU.

Shane Whidby, from Sturgis, SD, is a sophomore English Education major who enjoys gaming and writing.


Angela Behrends is an Adjunct Professor for the College of Arts and Sciences, DSU

Kevin Carda is majoring in English education.

Dan Crisler is majoring in English for New Media

Anthonee Ektnitphong is an Elementary education major, who enjoys writing, drawing, sports, and video games. His family and girlfriend are often the inspirations for his art.

Doyle Holden is majoring in Digital Storytelling.

Nick Kelley is a biology major from Madison, SD. He enjoys writing, environmental science, and crafts.

Nikki Mann is from Chicago, moved to South Dakota and loves it. Nikki starts graduate school for English in the fall at SDSU and plants to teach college English after obtaining her Ph.D.

Kayla Maude is a second year student at DSU majoring in Graphic Design. “I have always loved photography, and am very grateful for the opportunities that DSU offers for me to learn and grown with my passion.”

Alan Montgomery is an Associate Professor for the College of Arts and Sciences, DSU.

Maureen Murphy is an Associate Professor for the College of Arts and Sciences, DSU.

Jessica Sharp is majoring in computer graphics with a minor in Digital Photography. She hopes to open her own photography Studio.

Angie Timms is majoring in English for New Media. She lives in Madison with her husband, Giles, and their dogs Bilbo and Pickles.

Catheryn Vogel is majoring in English for New Media. She lives in Madison, SD. Her activites include Choir, Step Aerobics, Sigma Tau Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Sigma Iota, Newman Club, CRU, and InterVarsity. She also enjoys running, reading, crocheting, blogging, and fashion.

Amy Woolston is majoring in English education with a minor in Art education.

Dan Weinstein is an Associate Professor of English at DSU.


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