• Authors:

    Samantha Algood

    grew up in Volga, SD. I have loving parents, Dale and Karen Algood. As for the one sibling in my life, he's alright. My brother Nathaniel goes to Southeast Tech. Both of us are kind of following in our parent’s footsteps. My brother is planning to be a mechanic, just like my day. As for me, well I'm majoring in English Education to become a teacher, just like my mom. After having taught high school for a while, I am planning on getting my Master’s degree in order to teach at the college level.

    Rachel Bruntz

    is a freshman majoring in English for New Media. She spends her free time writing, reading, and taking too many pictures. She is often found hanging out with her friends, in the theater, or doing her homework. She is an avid word collector.

    Kennedi Ford

    seized the presidency of Sigma Tau Delta over her bitter rival and quickly consolidated her power over all things STD, including this issue of New Tricks. All fell to her dominance, including everyone on this list and in the editors section. She lives in splendor in Madison, having risen to prominence after her humble beginnings in Redfield, SD. She leverages her major in English for New Media for future gains in money and power. Nothing makes her nervous.

    Alex Milla

    is a student at DSU. He wrote this piece as an assignment for his Intro to Literature class.

  • Works:

    Mystery Man

    Pink is a Monstrosity

    Madison Missed Connections

    Venetian Courts Reach Ruling


  • Authors:

    Stacey Berry

    is a chatbot from the future. If you talk to her, she will answer you. She pulls keywords and patterns of words into things that look or sound like poems from her database.

    Rick Janssen

    was a long time art instructor at DSU

    Justin Erickson

    is a student in Digital Arts and Design - Production Animation at DSU. He is someone living in the world, and the world is living around him.

    Keegan Struble

    is an English for New Media Major from Deadwood, SD. He enjoys consuming and creating stories of all formats and mediums.

    Matt Stone

    likes to paint, write, and drink too much tea. He honed these skills at the University of South Dakota and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He’s often found in the basement of his home, engaged in a fevered game of table tennis with his wife, a co-worker, or his long-time accomplice and friend, Joe.

    Rachel Bruntz

    is a freshman majoring in English for New Media. She spends her free time writing, reading, and taking too many pictures. She is often found hanging out with her friends, in the theater, or doing her homework. She is an avid word collector.

  • Works:

    asia dreams of cyborgs

    how to use a computer



    I can't pronounce the words I feel

    Our Lord and Shepherd, D.J.T.

    staples on a paper crucifix



    Not Magnificent!

    A Painter's Journey

    Once more


  • Authors:

    Emily Schroeder

    is a student at DSU.

    April Farmer

    is a sophomore at DSU studying Graphic Design.

    Chrystene Anderson

    is a Sophomore at DSU pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Digital Arts and Design Production Animation. She is in the General Beadle Honors program as well as Jump Start. She has only recently been exploring the possibilities of Digital Art over pencil and paper mediums.

    Thomas Jones

    has been teaching photography, computer graphics and K-12 art methods since being hired at DSU in 2000. He created the Photography Study Tour course in which students travel throughout the U.K. and Paris, France learning about photography, creating photography portfolios for future employment and experiencing cultural exhibitions. Tom continually researches trends and incorporates them into his courses. He can often be seen with students taking photos at various DSU events encouraging and challenging the students to think beyond classroom assignments.

    Angela Behrends

    is a visual artist who teaches foundation art and design at DSU. She welcomes opportunities to collaborate whenever they promise joyful expression for the participants. Her mixed-media sculptures are part of the permanent collections at the Washington Pavilion Visual Arts Center and the Rapid City Arts Council at the Dahl Arts Center.

    Cherie Noteboom

    is an Associate Professor at the College of Business and Information Systems, Coordinator of the Doctor of Science in Information Systems, and Co-Director of the Center of Excellence in Information Systems at DSU. She holds degrees in Information Technology, Education, and Business. She enjoys photography, running, fishing, reading, research, and travelling.

    Jason Biggerstaff

    doesn’t create much art, but he likes Art 121. He thinks Godzilla is kinda cool so he used its likeness in his postcard; he majors in Cyber Ops.

    Obatola Layiwola

    is a sophomore, majoring in Graphic design at Dakota State University. He is a self-taught graphic artist who uses various digital elements to create visually compelling compositions. His hobbies include illustrating, photography, and sports.

    Josh Heesch

    is a sophomore, majoring in Computer Graphics from Sioux Falls, SD. He enjoys spending his time doodling and reading an occasional comic. You can mostly find him in his bed, asleep.

    Riley Fitzpatrick

    was born in Mitchell, SD on May 19th, 1997. He currently is a sophomore at DSU and is obtaining his bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

  • Works:

    B&W House


    Inked Butterfly

    CDR Light

    Fresh Air

    It's Your Time


    Human Race