Galacia Barton is a graduate of Dakota State University.

Samantha Braun is a student at Dakota State University.

Mitchell Bouchard is a filmmaker from Windsor, On Canada. He is graduating this year with a degree in Film and Cinematic Arts. He appreciates the chance to work alongside passionate students that want to make it to the next level in their filmmaking careers.

Kelly Brusven is a third-year Computer Graphics major with a minor in Photography. She is from Pierre, SD, and found her love of photography in a class she took her sophomore year of high school. Outside of photography, she spends most of her time baking, pet-sitting, and reading.

Dustin Drew is an English for New Media major at DSU. When he’s not reading or being scholarly, he likes to travel, attend live music and art events, and explore different dimensions.

Justin Erickson is a DSU student from northern Minnesota, currently studying Production Animation in Digital Arts and Design. He can frequently be found pacing back and forth in the Trojan Center, listening to black metal and ruminating on the past.

Ashley Geditz is an English for New Media major at DSU. In her free time, she enjoys guessing the endings of movies and then ruining them for her friends. She is so accurate in her predictions that some have called this gift a super power. She also enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

Brock Gilmer is a junior at Dakota State University studying Computer Graphics and Photography. He was born in Minnesota, but calls Sioux Falls, SD his home. His interests are photography, reading, and watching “The Office”.

Nikolas Hallstrom is a student at Dakota State University.

Dr. Ben Jones serves as the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, leading the college of 58 faculty and staff. He teaches courses on military history and his research interests are on WWII Europe and guerrilla warfare. His book, Eisenhower’s Guerrillas: The Jedburghs, the Resistance and the Liberation of France was published by Oxford University Press this year.

Thomas Jones has been teaching photography, computer graphics and K-12 art methods since being hired at DSU in 2000. He created the Photography Study Tour course in which students travel throughout the U.K. and Paris, France learning about photography, creating photography portfolios for future employment and experiencing cultural exhibitions. Tom continually researches trends and incorporates them into his courses. He can often be seen with students taking photos at various DSU events encouraging and challenging the students to think beyond classroom assignments.

Michael Kooiker grew up in Madison, SD, and is taking courses at DSU while working toward a degree in Sociology through SDSU. He appreciates many forms of art and dabbles primarily in woodworking, writing, and drawing.

Jared Lampe is an English for New Media major at DSU. Originally from Dell Rapids, SD, he enjoys playing video games, reading, writing, and watching television and movies.

Obatola Layiwola is a Computer Graphics major at DSU. He spends most of his time learning and developing his digital graphic techniques and playing video games.

Chelsea Meyer is a senior with a Computer Graphics major and a Photography minor. She enjoys being outside taking photos, spending time with her family and friends. She is looking forward to graduating in May.

Alan Montgomery is an Art Professor at DSU.

Dillon Olson is a third year Animation major. He grew up in Arnold, NE where he found he made simple stop-motion animations before attending DSU.

Laura Otteson is a senior, graduating in May with an English for New Media degree and a minor in Religious Studies. She grew up in Volga, SD, where she spent her free time reading, writing, and spending time with her family and friends.

Lindsey Pate is a DSU student working toward her degree in Elementary & Special Education. She grew up in Canton, SD. Lindsey enjoys playing volleyball and taking photos.

Zhe Ren is a Digital Arts and Design professor. He was born in Tianjin, China. For the past few years, he has exhibited his art work nationally and internationally.

Lyndsey Ring is an English for New Media major at DSU.

Kaitlin Schneider is an English Education major from Bladen, NE. During her free time she reads novels, tries to write her own, and enjoys watching movies and television shows. Also, she is secretly Batman.

Jenna Sorsen is a student at DSU, majoring in Elementary Education. You can usually find her eating avocados, taking pictures, reading, or hiking.

Keegan Struble is an English for New Media major from Deadwood, SD. He enjoys consuming and contemplating stories of multiple formats and mediums, along with creating his own. He also enjoys lonesome walks, coffee, and living in his head.

Brianna Sumption graduated in the fall of 2015 with a degree in English for New Media.

Jared Truman is from Beresford, SD. He is a senior at DSU, studying Graphic Design.

Brittany Vlaminck is an energetic and hard-working individual. As president of the Alpha Gamma Lambda chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, Brittany can often be found around the DSU campus promoting movie nights, open mic nights, and other events hosted by the club. Her free time, what little bit of it she has, is spent zombie hunting, playing with her stuffed penguins, or watching horror films. She aspires to be a book editor following her graduation in May of 2016.

Amy Woolston in an Art Teacher at Tiospa Zina Tribal School in South Dakota. She moved to Madison, South Dakota, to complete a college degree in 2006 after growing up in the Bay Area of California and living in Hawaii for about 15 years. Amy is working towards her Masters in Art Education and spends her free time with her family; painting, writing, and reading continue to be her passions.

Haeun Yoon is a Graphic Design student at DSU. She grew up in South Korea and came to the United States to study. She spends her free time.