Production Team

Brittany Vlaminck - Editor-in-Chief/ Prose Editor

Brittany is an energetic and hard-working individual. Her free time is spent zombie hunting, playing with her stuffed penguins, or watching horror films. She aspires to be a book editor following her graduation in May of 2016.

Paige Lampe – Prose Editor and Designer

Paige Lampe lives in a vortex of pop culture references and watching the Game of Politics. She has been writing for several years to hone in her skills through her time as an English for New Media major at Dakota State University.

Tanner Bowman – Poetry Editor

Tanner is an English for New Media major at Dakota State University. He likes rabbits more than he likes people, trashy reality television, and Beyoncé because she motivates him to leave his bed in the morning. Also, he likes to think he's funny.

Jennelle Peuppke – Art, Photography, Media Editor, Front Cover Designer

Jenelle may be insane, or maybe, she just has a creative mind. Either way, she is an excitable, creative young gal from rural eastern South Dakota. Her creative mind and hands are always busy, whether it be drawing or web designing. Jennelle is an aspiring graphic and web designer following her three older siblings' footsteps by currently attending Dakota State University for a degree in Web Design and Production.

Tracy Booze – Gateway Website Designer, 2016 New Tricks Website Programmer

Tracy is the Secretary for DSU's Anime Club and works towards completing her degrees in Computer Game Design and Digital Arts & Design, specializing in Web Design and Production with a minor in Mathematics, Business. In her little amount of free time, she likes to discovering narratives in video games, spending time with her cuddly kitten, and working on various projects.

Courtney Eley – 2016 New Tricks Website Designer

Introverted-extrovert, Courtney Eley, loves to socialize- at least with those she's close to. If she's not inside playing video games, watching movies, or reading her books, she usually can be found outside either spending quality time with her horse or riding on her motorcycle. She aspires to become a dependable web designer.

Editorial Review Board

Brittany Vlaminck
Paige Lampe
Tanner Bowman
Jennelle Peuppke
Kaitlin Schnieder
Ashley Geditz
Chelsea Meyer
Dustin Drew
Jared Lampe
John Nelson
Stacey Berry