Dr. Geary

teaches Educational Technology, Reading Comprehension and Children's Literature at Dakota State. Looking at the intersection of literacy and technology, he is learning to love how poetry can enhance both. The poem Barbara owes much to the inspiration of poets and authors Shirley McPhillips and Sharon Creech, and of course, Barbara.

Rick Janssen

enjoys word play, thus, poetry plumes.

Mostafa Haque

is a Game Design major from Banglades, not India. In his spare time, Mostafa enjoys doing homework and going to classes in a timely manner.

Dillon Dwyer

is an English for New Media Major from Milbank, SD. He is also a budding yogi and avid reader of DC comics. When not exercising his creative liberties, Mr. Dwyer likes to compete in illicit underground thumb wrestling tournaments, where he his know by the name “beefcakes” and currently ranked #7 in the region.

Ashley Geditz

is an English for New Media Major at DSU. She enjoys reading and writing poetry and watching movies. Her true passion is to guess the endings of movies and then ruin it for other people. However, she spends most of her time getting into shenanigans with her roommate Chelsea Meyer.

Stacey Berry

Stacey Berry, Assistant Professor of English for New Media at DSU, has a thing for words. She has written love poems to the Green Lantern and to faulty html coding and to the unreality of meaning. She wonders if you are there. And, if she is, too.

Justin Erickson

is a Digital Arts and Design student at DSU, majoring in Production Animation.

Michaela Johnson

is a writer studying English for New Media at DSU. She is currently a senior. Michaela works at the Madison Public Library and in her spare time she enjoys reading, photography, and shenanigan-filled road trips.

Jenna Sorsen

is an Elementary Education major here at DSU. Her passions include photography, nature, reading, writing and painting. Avocados are her favorite food, and Journey is her favorite band. Jenna hopes to travel the world someday.

Brianna Prill

is a full-time reader, writer, and class-atender at DSU, studying English for New Media. New to creative writing, she is most at home reading and writing about Modern and Postmodern American Literature. Brianna lives in Mitchell, SD, and in her spare time she enjoys making lists, drinking lattes, rearranging her nail polish collection, and gently harassing her family, friends, and cat.

Mostafa Haque

is a Game Design major from Banglades, not India. In his spare time, Mostafa enjoys doing homework and going to classes in a timely manner.

Siobhan Finck

was born to Jerry and June Finck on April 20th, 1994. She lived in Avon, SD for the first eighteen years of her life, until the fall of 2012 when she moved to Vermillion, SD to attend school at the University of South Dakota. After one year in Vermillion, Siobhan transferred to Dakota State University in Madison, SD where she will graduate in the spring of 2016. Siobhan is very creative and enjoys writing, drawing, painting, and singing.

Chris Tran

is a spritely lad who grew up across the American Midwest. An undergraduate student in Underwater Basket Weaving; Chris is also a writer, sometimes, never, almost, not, infrequently, whenever the mood strikes him. When he is not frolicking freely in the forests, he lives with his family in the Black Hills of South Dakota.


is a simple artist and writer from Spearfish, SD. Fresh out of high school and ready to take on the world, she is ecstatic about furthering her education here at DSU and hopes to continue to grow in the art community.