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Another Shit in the Sewer

by Justin Erickson

how dare you shove your ideas in my head
showing me the other side
where a god ushers the sick to its empire
to swallow the lesser
here we hang down from wires and cords
blood sliding into skulls
have you forgotten who I have become
who you used to be
don’t you dare say I’m walking backwards
you know who men are
dead-brains who fuck their wives blindly
you know who I am
a lost little dog looking for the other side
another shit in the sewer
tell me nothing exists and I’m not here
tell me this isn’t home
tell me how to plug my nose and ears
because I need to find a way

A Sit-down With Nature.

by Jenna Sorsen

blue bird
flits from tree to tree
paying no attention
at all to me

gray valleys up ahead
blanketed in mist,
as if by ghostly lips
they've been kissed.

sunshine streams
through branched holes,
the hills beyond o'er,

their green bellies full.


by Dr.Geary

A maple leaf stretches out
into the autumn air,
flat, intricate, delicate

It brushes by my car on the way to the airport
Specks of rain stain its face
and deepen into blotches of rust
like blood from an old wound.
And still it tumbles and tosses in the wind.

Her hand touches mine
in final farewell, and she is gone, forever.

As the wind carries her away,
I drive home, dazzled by a blazing sunrise
promising hope.

I would never see her again, alive
Yet the cold winter winds carry her voice;
Ich Liebe Diche .....I love you


by Ashley Geditz

You loved me during the hottest summer night,

Under an obese night sky, eyes bright and starry-eyed

while the june bugs sang a tune that we never thought would end

You loved me when the first leaf fell from the trees,

And autumn’s cool breath danced all around us

And painted the landscape burnt oranges and rusty reds

You loved me while fat white flakes fell from the sky,

As we discussed our hopes and dreams

The bitter air caused billowing clouds to escape from our mouths

But I like to forget when the seasons changed and the birds began to chirp,

How I was left alone wearing a sapphire sundress in a field of yellow daisies

And how fast a love can change, much like the seasons.

Evidence of

by Stacey Berry

a man in the elevator at work this morning asks me if i am new
i’ve worked in the office right next to his for 8 years
and i tell him so
he says, really?

i spend most of the rest of the day in a daze
checking for permanent markers like beauty spots
and household bills

grab my cell phone and run
to the nearest live webcam
in the public courtyard outside the building
ring my mother and breathless desperate shout:

can you see me?

can you see me?

i wave and wave and wave.

no one looks
i can't tell if she’s there

yes , she says, calm, as if the whole world hadn't almost negated me beyond repair.


Ford's Theater

by Dillon Dwyer

Snake of snakes to tease supreme knowledge contained in fruits of nature and hard labor.

It took six days to build it all, only minutes for it to fall.

Rebel, rebel how sweat the sound of freedom in knowledge and suffering.

I’d kill my brother for his land because my parents weren’t around.

How original was the sin that started a revolution?

It’s ugly what they made me do to the son of god.

But, we all have our moments.

Let he who has sinned greatly cast stones about, searching for he who is without.

Do you think Booth killed Abraham because of what he was willing to do to his son?


by Dillon Dwyer

Like a fresh seed placed by a hand of purpose, I found comfort in the encompassing warmth of that earthly darkness. Only when I peaked out from the cracks my shifting growth had caused, I did realize that the extent of my life had only just begun. Now, as I writhe for the sun, I must leave only my roots to remember that blissful darkness. Proceeding towards the ripening of heavenly fruits so that my seeds will fall again with the hope of rising to higher branches.

I Saw My Cousins Shoot Santa Claus

by Brianna Prill

When every year at Christmas time

My family gets together,

The younger boys, they play toy guns,

But would they shoot? No, never!

Until one quiet Christmas night

They heard a noise outside.

They grabbed their guns, ran out to fight.

“Bring Santa down!” they cried.

They stalked him through the trees and grass,

Fired pellets through the air.

The unsuspecting Santa Claus

Did not deserve this scare.

They shot him down, pulled off his beard,

And much to their surprise

The red suit figure who appeared

Was grandpa in disguise.

Inside Walls

by Justin Erickson

Inside walls cast of concrete and cobblestone,

Flesh and bone,

Rabid dogs guard their writhing kill,

Eat their fill,

And as the ghost dreams of life anew,

I replay my death like déjà vu.

In here where gnats and hornets flock,

Plague and mock,

The jester wails to a crowd of none,

Save for one:

A stranger who looks a bit like you,

Who laughs then softly applauds on cue.

Over Easy

by Ashley Geditz

I, an able heart, the whole time

could have stood, gotten to my feet—

and walked away.

You never wrote a line for me

Just spilled your ink haphazardly,

And I rushed to fill the pages

To sculpt out our own melody,

leave this underside of silence

but you just etched out your image,

only in love with a vision.

We were done before I knew it

Just like two eggs in the morning—

Over, easy

The Drunk Poet

by Jenna Sorsen

she speaks in
drunken verse

pretty words on her tongue

similes slip down
her throat

and sentences slur into stanzas.

They Real Fly (We Real Cool Imitation)

by Ashley Geditz

They real fly. They

Bought high. They

Drew dice. They

Throw twice. They

Can coke. They

Blow smoke. They

Laid lie. They

Soon die.

TP Issue

by Rick Janssen


Don't care


The Candy Man

by Michaela Johnson

Sometimes when we go to the

Five and dime, mama gives me

A nickel so I can buy one of the

Colorful candies from the counter.

The nice man behind the counter

With the kind eyes and friendly face

Smiles at me while he puts the

Licorice stick that I chose into a

Brown paper bag.

The man doesn’t look like mama

And daddy and me. His skin is

Darker and his eyes remind me of

Mama’s chocolate cake. When

He gives me the candy he calls me

“Little lady” and I see mama frown.

I don’t think mama likes the candy


When we get home I hear mama

Talking to daddy.

Daddy starts talking about

A doctor; and he sounds angry. Maybe

Someone is sick. The candy man is

Nice. And doctors make people better.

I don’t know why mama and daddy

Are upset.

Another Shit in the Sewer

By Erickson

A Sit-down With Nature

By Sorsen


By Geary


By Geditz

Evidence of

By Berry

Ford's Theater

By Dwyer


By Dwyer

I Saw My Cousins Shoot Santa Claus

By Prill

Inside Walls

By Erickson

Over Easy

By Geditz

The Drunk Poet

By Sorsen

They Real Fly

By Geditz

TP Issue

By Janssen

The Candy Man

By Johnson