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What We Are

New Tricks is a literary magazine that began more than twenty years ago. It started out with a couple of guys gathering and producing student and faculty work, and has since evolved into a larger production that includes not only poetry and prose, but also photographs, video, and music. New Tricks is a product of the DSU chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, which was founded more than three quarters of a century ago by Professor Judson Q. Owen of Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell, South Dakota. In 1972, Sigma Tau Delta was admitted into the Association of College Honor Societies and today there are nearly 600 chapters of Epsilon Tau Delta and roughly 225,000 members. It became an international society in 1988. The Dakota State University chapter of Epsilon Tau Delta was established in the spring of 1993. DSUís chapter is part of the High Plains Region of the international society. The official chapter name is Alpha Gamma Lambda.

Sigma Tau Delta Motto : Sincerity, Truth, Design

Sigma Tau Delta Pledge :
I shall endeavor to advance the study
of the chief literary masterpieces
to encourage worthwhile reading
to promote the mastery of written expression
and to foster a spirit of fellowship
among those who specialize
in the study of the English language and of literature
ever keeping in mind our international motto:
Sincerity, Truth, Design.

We humbly present New Tricks for your enjoyment and commit ourselves to be an outlet for sharing and supporting the written word as well as art in all forms. Enjoy, devour, and perpetuate language!

2015 Team

Dr. John Nelson

John Nelson is a poet and writer and professor of English for New Media. He has been at DSU for nearly 20 years and has been the faculty advisor for New Tricks for much of that time. He also advises the DSU chapter of Sigma Tau Delta. He's a runner and loves to travel.

Dylan Winthers - Editor in Chief

Dylan Winthers is a senior at Dakota State University studying English for New Media. He enjoys medieval lore and the study of digital humanities. He also appreciates many sports and spending time with family.

Alissa McAloon - Social Media and Marketing

Ashley Geditz - Production Manager

Ashley is an English for New Media major at Dakota State University. When she has free time, she enjoys reading and writing poetry. She also considers herself a bit of a movie buff and particularly enjoys watching horror films and psychological thrillers.

Jesse McGraw - Webmaster

Jesse McGraw is a Web Design Major at DSU. He enjoys reading, creating things, and playing paintball.

Laura Bieber - Copy Editor

Laura Otteson - Art director and Proofreader

Brandi Feldmann - Web Designer and Proofreader

Brandi Feldmann, from Meadow Grove, Nebraska, is a senior at Dakota State University graduating this May, double majoring in Network & System Administration and Computer & Network Security with an emphasis in Information Assurance. She is also minoring in Computer Information Systems, Multimedia/Web Design, & Center of Excellence. Brandi has been accepted into the 4+1 Program at DSU, where she has started her Masters as an undergraduate; she will be earning her Masters degree in Master of Science in Information Assurance in May 2016. She is actively involved on campus and is the Student Body President. She loves spending time with family and friends.

Michaela Johnson - Document Designer

Michaela Johnson is a writer studying English for New Media at DSU. She is currently a senior. Michaela works at the Madison Public Library and in her spare time she enjoys reading, photography, and roadtrips.

Laina Darger - Poetry Editor

Laina Darger is currently finishing her final year as an English for New Media student at Dakota State University. In her spare time, she likes to read, write, and crochet hats and scarves.

Jared Lampe - Prose Editor

Jared Lampe is a writer currently working towards an English For New Media major at DSU. When not busy with homework, work, and National Guard Drill. He is messing around on the internet, writing short stories, watching Netflix, playing videogames, and getting some drinks at the bar with friends.